Saturday, June 05, 2010

Intereconomía And Sexual Education....Part 2

Having previously delivered such a thoughtful and insightful argument against condom use in Africa, the ultra rightwing digital TV channel Intereconomía has now turned its attention closer to home. Marvel at the cultured, mature and educated way in which they discuss the issue of sexual education in Cataluña, and the always respectful manner shown towards Marina Geli, responsible for health service provision in that region.


santcugat said...

I flipped by Intereconomía the other day... it made Fox News look fair and balanced.

Who owns the station anyway?

Graeme said...

Julio Ariza -

Lee said...

Good god. Everyone knows teenagers have no business having sex, unless it's with members of the clergy.

Graeme said...

In which case it is of course a provocation on the part of the teenager.

Pueblo girl said...

Would you say this man has issues with his sexuality? And everyone else's?

Loved Lee's comment.

Oh, and my WV is "culatise". Seems appropriate for the subject, as in "They are culatising the curriculum in Cataluña".

Troy said...

He repeatedly asks what kind of society are we making when really the question should be, what kind of society allows such a person on TV...or worse, that people watch it intently!

Lee said...

As Pueblo Girl said, this creep has major sexuality issues. I think he's a bit dazed from years of smacking his head against a closet door.

John (no name) said...

It really is difficult to sum up words to express how odious this man is. In fact, I think we would have to resort to terms matching or even exceeding those used by the man himself.

I had a look at the site and, as I fully expected, it is a practical and useful resource encouraging young people to be safe and cautious in what they do, with helpful practical advice. No brazen promotion of myriad sexual activities as early and as enthusiastically as possible. Nothing very controviersial at all, in fact, unless you start from the point of view that it is all filthy and wrong and should not be contemplated by anyone.

Much like the recent furore over the supposed "masturbation classes" in Extremadura which were of course nothing of the sort, but now with added Catalan-baiting.

It would of course be pointless showing people like that the data which concusively shows that the more information children and young people are given, the fewer teenage pregnancies and the fewer diseases they will have. As well as fewer rapes, abuses, and dangerous situations. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that children's well-being is far down their list of priorities.

I have to say that among the varied cast list of "repugnante", to coin a phrase, rightwingers, this particular individual had not previouslty come to my attention. How is it that Intereconomia almost makes Federico Jimenes Losantos seem cuddly, tolerant and reasonable (I did say almost....)?