Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Just Because You're Dead Doesn't Mean They're Not Out To Get You

It's been almost a week since I posted on judicial madness, so I think it must surely be time for another episode. The actor Pepe Rubianes intervened in 2007 in the debate concerning the so called "papeles de Salamanca"; the archives which were removed from Cataluña in the aftermath of Franco's victory in the civil war. Rubianes said some things about the mayor of Salamanca which were not very complimentary, the mayor was at the time leading a noisy campaign to retain the archives in Salamanca.

The issue reached the courts, and Rubianes was judged to have offended the good name and honour of the mayor when he called him an idiot and suggested that he should drown in his own shit. From the provincial courts of Salamanca, the case has now reached the Supreme Court which strangely no longer seems quite so busy since Baltasar Garzón was suspended. The court has ratified the sentence with a judgement that is curious for two reasons. One is that they suggest that Rubianes had no right to say what he did because he is not a politician, suggesting that only political professionals are entitled to insult each other. The other curiosity about the decision, and who am I to suggest it may have prejudiced the ability of Rubianes to present his case, is that the actor died over a year ago.


Lee said...

Well, see it from the point of view of the judges. They carry on their duties being functionally brain dead, so why should a non-breather be exempt from prosecution?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Another wonderful example of justicia al revés. They justify dragging Garzón through the mud by saying that you're not allowed to dig up issues about the past because everything (or everyone) is dead, buried and over, whilst allowing such ridiculous verdicts as this one. Maybe next week Pedreira will be in the dock for his pursuit of Camps?

Graeme said...

I think for the moment they are trying to halt Gurtel through the other case against Garzón. Pedreira is not such an easy target and now he has relinquished the Valencian part of the case anyway.