Friday, November 27, 2009

Intereconomía: Where Ignorance Comes First

You couldn't make it up part 9456. As if having Libertad Digital TV wasn't enough, those of us who live in the PP heartlands are also blessed with the gift of Intereconomía. This channel would have us believe that the use of condoms to help prevent HIV infection in Africa is doomed to failure; because of the climate, because of the apparent absence of manicures and because Africans are said to be unable to read the instructions.



Guiri said...

Stunned. Although I'm surprised they didn't add that in the "Black Continent" the natives' endowment means most profilacticos will be too small anyway.

Troy said...

Please tell me that this is some sort of Spanish "onion". This can't be real?

When was this aired? Anyone know?


This is out and out racism...or worse!?

They just barely forgot to mention that they 'people' there also have opposable thumbs!?

Anyone have the time on their hands to produce a translated transcript of this? This is world class racist crap that needs to be known outside Spain.