Friday, June 04, 2010

Pay Your Bill Bilderberg

Dear Bilderberg Club members,

I understand that you are passing a few days in Sitges having some meetings of your association. I also understand fully that yours is a private grouping and that the rest of us have no reason at all to know exactly what business it is that you are discussing. To be frank, I'm not really very interested in whatever it is you have to talk about. Nevertheless, it seems from what I have read that you may be addressing some issues that affect the rest of us, such as Spain's budget deficit and the provision of public services. I even understand that there may be some hostility expressed towards such services. Now I know that many of your members live directly off public provision (the politicians and royalty) and that some others (the bankers) do far better out of public subsidies than anybody else you could possibly care to mention. So given all of this, and the natural concern you will express about control of costs, I hope you won't forget before leaving to pay the bill for the costs associated with your very private meeting; currently estimated at €600,000 for policing alone. If you could also remember to put your rubbish in the bins provided it will also help greatly. Thanks a lot and have a great stay in Sitges!

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