Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Member, One Website

Mariano Rajoy has hit on a new strategy for dealing with the fallout from the Maria San Gil affair. He has advised his remaining supporters not to talk about it. That should take care of the issue, meanwhile it's time to do an update on the websites supporting people who are not supposed to be candidates to lead the Partido Popular (PP). One of the latest additions is Rodrigo Rato 2012, dedicated to someone who would certainly be able to afford to fund his own campaign should he ever lose interest in his current business activities. With all this proliferation of websites dedicated to potential or even unlikely candidates for the PP there must surely be an increase in demand for web design services in the posher areas of Madrid?

Proof, if it was needed, that Rajoy is no longer on the Christmas card list at Libertad Digital comes from the appearance of Alternativa a Zapatero. This is a product of that cold, dark cave where the Peones Negros and Hazteoir along with other assorted conspiracy theorists gather together for their communal hate sessions. The people behind this initiative are now so addicted to the pretence that they are not politically affiliated that they maintain it even for a website which is entirely dedicated to the political crisis inside the PP. It hardly seems like the sort of thing which is going to get COPE listeners marching on the streets again, but you never know - they might be preparing the placards already.


Tom said...

Spanish politics is nothing more than a conspiracy by screen-printers, web-designers, leaflet writers, manifesto draftsmen and the manufacturers of that glue they put on the back of stickers.

There is no other reasonable explanation for why so many of these websites, currents and flags are created. I shall have to update Simbolos y Senyals

Graeme said...

Very true Tom. Fortunately on this blog I have a very strict policy of not permitting commentators to promote their own websites - particularly when I'm in the process of updating my links.