Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Best Police Force Money Can Buy

We have discovered a revolutionary method for cutting crime near to Madrid this week - arrest the local police force. Coslada, a town not far from Madrid, has seen 26 of its local police officers placed under arrest, including the chief of police. The expected result of this is that the incidence of prostitution rackets and extorsion of bar or discoteque owners should decline dramatically. Almost every report I read about the case says that is was a "secreto a voces" , meaning that everybody knew about it but nobody did anything. The political authorities evade responsibilities by saying that nobody laid a formal complaint, perhaps understandable given that such a complaint might have ended up in the hands of the local police! The arrests were made in the end because of a police investigation launched from Madrid into a prostitution ring that turned to be controlled by members of the Coslada police.

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