Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fake Manchego Cheese

Yesterday was not a happy day over at Red Liberal, which is a union of blogs that are "liberal" in the Spanish sense of the word i.e. rabidly right wing. Close to Libertad Digital. One of their member blogs, La Hoja de Albacete, which had featured frequently on the front page of the site turned out to be a hoax. For a couple of years it seems the person(s) behind this blog had attempted to test the limits of what would be politically acceptable to those running Red Liberal. The author(s) had invented particularly venomous insults for some of the victims of the Madrid bombings, they defended genocide, praised the use of guns rather than just the possession, claimed homosexuality is an illness and all sorts of other wild ideas. The reaction of the other members of Red Liberal was, well, nothing. No objections were raised to the content of the blog, and those behind it seem to have reached the conclusion that there is no position too extreme for these people. It appears that the crazy opinions on the blog were accepted as normal and representative of liberalism by those who shared the space. By accepting without dissent this blog as one of their own they have portrayed themselves.


Tom said...

Brilliant! I have always kind of planned to do a spoof of one of these mental right-wing blogs (probably one of the English language ones... now which should I choose?!)... but I could never have kept it up for two years. What a fantastic piece of work!

Anon said...

Red Liberal has been OWNED.