Saturday, May 03, 2008

El Dos De Mayo....La Batalla De Los Mamelucos

An odd and disjointed event celebrated yesterday in the Plaza Mayor. Playing the part of Napoleon's Mameluke cavalry we had Les Musiciens du Nil. I once saw them on a Thames river boat, which seems a bit more appropriate given that their name comes from a river. I suppose that getting a boat to even float on Madrid's river might have been beyond the technical resources of the organisers.

We had horses that walked (briefly) on their hind legs.

Then we had La Symphonie Mechanique, which was supposed to be a symbol of the French industrial revolution. A bass player in a crate.

The final event yesterday was a spectacular show organised by La Fura dels Baus in the Plaza de Cibeles. My camera is afraid of the dark so I have no photos, also there were so many people there that I couldn't get very close to the action anyway. I thought everyone was supposed to be stuck in the world's largest traffic jam between Madrid and the Mediterranean? Fortunately, Probably Madrid got closer than I did and has a better camera. His post links back to my page so if you're not careful you could be stuck forever somewhere between the two!

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