Sunday, March 09, 2008

Things To Do On Election Day When You're Not Allowed To Vote

When the going gets tough, the tough go for lunch. I hope to be back in time to blog the results of today's election, but it's a Spanish lunch so it's also possible that I may not even be back in time to blog the results of the next election. In any case, if the widget below (courtesy of works properly you will be able to view the results on that. Even if it doesn't work it looks nice. Meanwhile, the South Poll has thrown up a surprising prediction for the outcome:

PSOE - 24%
PP - 9%
IU - 26%
CiU - 2%
ERC - 21%
PNV - 4%
Others - 2%
Don't Know Don't Care - 7%

Apart from the fact that this only adds up to 95% it needs to be stressed that opinion polling is not a precise science and it is possible that the final results may deviate slightly from this estimation. Still, it's nice to see the PP bumping along on 9%, if only real life could be like life at the South Poll!

The slightly more reliable final poll published yesterday by El Periodico in their Andorran edition was giving the PSOE a 5.3 point advantage over the PP, I should point out that this is significantly higher than the lead shown in the majority of recent polls. 176 seats is the magic number for a majority in the Congreso de Diputados, not a single poll in the campaign has shown either of the major parties doing that well.


Erik Wirdheim said...

Thanks for the Soitu-link, Graeme.

Keefieboy said...

I don't know what I expected to see happening today, but we took a good long wander around central Madrid and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Where are the polling stations, by the way?

Tom said...

That looks like a coalition PSOE-IU government and an Esquerra dominated opposition. May we live in interesting times....

Graeme said...

I think if it turns out this way that Zapatero will try to avoid a formal coalition and run a minority government. Things are not looking good for IU - the voto útil.

Tom said...

I shiukd ass that I was talking about if we had a government based on the South Poll, not the real election results. I didn't make that very clear.

Graeme said...

Sorry, I was too busy thinking about reality at the time to realise that you were referring to the best ever opinion poll on the Spanish elections!