Sunday, March 16, 2008

PPravda Reports....Right Wing Populism, An Infantile Disorder

PPravda, the house journal of the Partido Popular, reports today on the highly successful visit made last week to Valencia by the Dear Leader, Comrade Mariano Rajoy. This was the first official activity undertaken by Comrade Rajoy following the recent stealing of the elections to the Supreme Soviet by the Menshevik Traitor Zapatero and his band of so-called “left nationalist” voters.

The Dear Leader was the guest of Comrade Francisco Camps, leader of the Party in Valencia. Comrade Rajoy praised Camps for his success in the recent elections, and Comrade Camps in return wished the Dear Leader good health for the next four years. Comrade Rajoy noted that Camps has been a pioneer in implementing the revolutionary policy of handing over all public services to the friends of the Party. He also praised him for his loyalty to the Party, saying that he knew of “one or two comrades in Madrid who would be well advised to follow the example of Comrade Camps”.

Comrade Rajoy was then treated to a performance by Valencian peasant women dressed in traditional costumes. This performance formed part of the preliminary ceremonies of the Fallas, a Valencian festival commemorating the successful storming of the regional parliament by the masses under the leadership of Comrade Eduardo Zaplana. It should be pointed out that, following Comrade Zaplana's wise decision to "resign" from the Central Committee, a reassessment of these momentous events is taking place and newly discovered documents suggest that it was in fact Comrade Camps who led the final successful assault.

The Dear Leader salutes his enthusiastic supporters

Lunch was followed by speeches and toasts in honour of the Dear Leader, the Greatest Leader, Comrade Aznar, and the Supreme Leader, Comrade Don Manuel. The tour concluded with a visit to the Number 18 turrón factory, where the Dear Leader was acclaimed by thousands of enthusiastic workers. Comrade Rajoy has now returned to Madrid where he continues his task of renovation and steadfast opposition to the revisionist Traitor Zapatero.


Erik Wirdheim said...


Were you there, in Eastern Europe during the communist era? This entry is fantastic!

And why is Juliya Timoshenko from the Ukraine visiting the falles? It must be she in the photo, mustn't it? ;-)

Graeme said...

"why is Juliya Timoshenko from the Ukraine visiting the falles"

It could be her Erik, now that you mention it. I'm sure she would get along well with Rajoy and Camps, maybe it's an expression of international solidarity?