Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spanish General Election 2008....The Results

These are the results of the Spanish elections with about 95% of the vote counted:

Partido Obrero Socialista Español - 169 seats (43.7% of the vote)
Partido Popular - 153 (40.1%)
Convergencia i Unio - 10 (3%)
Partido Nacionalista Vasco - 6 (1.2%)
Izquierda Unida - 3 (3.8%)
Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya - 3 (1.1%)
Bloque Nacionalista Gallego - 2 (0.8%)
Coalición Canaria- 2 (0.5%)
Unión Progreso y Democracia - 1 (1.2%)
Nafarroa Bai - 1 (0.3%)

The widget on my previous post shows the full results. Both the PSOE and the PP have increased the number of seats they have in the Spanish parliament, the PSOE has won the elections but falls short of an overall majority. It's a bad night for Izquierda Unida and Esquerra Republicana who have both experienced significant drops - meaning the PSOE can no longer reach a parliamentary majority with their support.

The PP has done very well in its strongholds of Madrid and Valencia, and has also gained ground in Andalucia - despite losing the regional elections that were also held there today. Apart from these changes there is little difference over the previous elections in 2004. The only new party in the the Spanish parliament is Unión Progreso y Democracia which has won its only seat in Madrid at the expense of Izquierda Unida.

I've been watching the results on TelemAguirre, the publicly funded channel previously known as TeleMadrid, even they are not capable of manipulating the results and at least one of their panelists has already issued a call for a change of leadership in the PP.

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