Friday, March 07, 2008

Basque Socialist Shot Dead

It looks as if ETA may have finally succeeded in entering the election campaign. A former Socialist councillor called Isaías Carrasco has been shot dead a short while ago in the Basque town of Mondragón and it seems that the Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero has already cancelled some of his commitments to return to Madrid. It has just been reported that the main parties have suspended the rest of their electoral campaign.

It looks like ETA have gone for an easy target - someone who is not a significant political figure and who would have no protection - but at a moment which will have maximum impact on the election as all the parties were preparing for their final campaign rallies tonight.

Now we wait to see how the parties react. Mariano Rajoy made a statement earlier in which he went just to the edge of trying to use it to score a political point. I'm sure there are some in his party who would like nothing more than to get their supporters out on the streets of Madrid before Sunday to tell us that it's all Zapatero's fault. Anyway, it seems that all parties have been called to a meeting in Madrid this afternoon.

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