Monday, January 22, 2007

The AVT Goes Back To Court

The Association for Victims of Terrorism (AVT) has provided us with yet another example of how it dedicates its time and resources to attacking anyone whose views it finds unacceptable. Having run out of rock bands to take action against, the latest person to be sued by the AVT is well known Spanish writer Javier Marías, who published this article about them in yesterday’s El País. If you understand Spanish then do read the article, in my opinion it is entirely reasonable in its description of a how an association that could once expect to receive public support and sympathy has been transformed into an aggressively politicised tool of the angry Spanish right and their hunt for revenge. You would hope that at some point the courts might turn round to the AVT and tell them to stop clogging up the judicial system with their attacks on freedom of expression, and that the association might actually begin to comply with what is supposed to be the reason for its existence – at the moment there seems to be little chance of either of those things happening.

Javier Marías - The AVT finds a new enemy

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