Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's Safe To Sing

Whilst I am genuinely trying to prevent this blog turning into the South of Watford Journal of Legal Studies, I am happy to be able to report that one of the legal cases I have been following has finished with the right outcome. The case brought by the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT) accusing the rock band Soziedad Alkoholika of praising terrorism in their songs has finally been rejected by the courts. The band faced the possibility of 18 months imprisonment for the alleged offence. As a face saving measure, the judgement has suggested that one of the songs cited in the accusation was close to the line; we are not told whether the judges involved have bought the album or not.

Anyone who thinks that this means the AVT is going to dedicate more time to representing the victims of terrorism would be wrong, they are far too busy organising the anti-government demonstration planned for this Saturday in Madrid. This makes it a good weekend for escaping from the city.


El gran pepino said...

Yes, get out of there. Madrid is nice, but not when Luis del Pino's flying circus goes there to show how close to the victims they are. The victims who vote the PP, of course...

19-A (maybe)

Graeme said...

Wise words as always Gran Pepino, some of those senior citizens who turn up for these occasions can get quite vicious with anyone who gets in their way.

19-A (ngry PPeople)

Tom said...

Just how many people have been affected by terrorism anyway? If my wife tried to join because her great-uncle was a victim of state terrorism, would they accept that?

I am completely disgusted by the scum in 'AVT'. Sure, many of them may be old codgers but they are now effectively a wing of the PP, carrying out that party's bidding and trying to have rock groups banned.

Apologies for venting spleen - have a nice weekend.