Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm Not The Pheasant Plucker, I'm The Pheasant Plucker's Son

Today's political tongue twister gives us another opportunity to enjoy the wisdom of Partido Popular caretaker leader, Mariano Rajoy. Hot off the press from El Mundo, you have to say it as quickly as possible:

"Mi partido pacta con otro partido, pero parte de mi partido no pacta con otro partido mientras yo sea el presidente del PP".

It's just as difficult to understand in English:

"My party pacts with another party, but part of my party does not pact with another party whilst I am president of the PP."

So that's clear then? It is believed that the phrase is a reference to political infighting in the PP in Valencia. The faction aligned to Eduardo Zaplana, parliamentary spokesman for the PP, is alleged to be plotting with the Socialist party to remove supporters of the current regional president from the board of the local savings bank.

Groucho Marx also had something to say on the subject in the contract scene from A Night At The Opera:

"'The party of the first part shall be known in this contract as the party of the first part.' How do you like that? That's pretty neat, eh?"

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