Tuesday, January 23, 2007

An Idiots Guide To Democracy....First Count The Votes

The opposition Partido Popular (PP) routinely questions the ability of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to be leader of the country. A few days ago it was the turn of Mariano Rajoy (the alleged leader of the party - we know it is really still Aznar). Mariano the deep thinker had this to say about what it takes to be head of the government:

“No basta con ser mayor de edad y tener la nacionalidad española: hace falta algo más para ser presidente.”

My translation.

“It’s not enough to have reached the age of majority and to have Spanish nationality: something else is needed to be president.”

Whilst having my own doubts about Mariano’s capacity to lead a government, surely one of the most basic prerequisites for being leader of the opposition is the understanding that you remain in that position until you win more votes than your opponents! 30 years have passed since Franco died and they still haven’t got the idea. Perhaps it’s only to be expected in a party where the leader is “elected” by the previous leader.

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