Monday, November 10, 2008

Pisando Nieve

I found time during my brief return to Madrid this weekend to check out the results of the recent cold spell in central Spain. It's unusual for so much snow to fall on the mountains of Guadarrama before winter even begins, and despite the bright sunny weather on Saturday there was still plenty left. Up above the clouds on either side of the sierra the views were perfect.

We took the train up to Cotos and then the route of the lagoons lying beneath Peñalara. This takes you around the peak until you get to the Laguna de los Pajaros, still mostly frozen even on a relatively warm day like this.

I chickened out of the ascent above the lagoon that takes you up the tougher side of Peñalara, plenty of people seemed to be doing it but the more sensible ones wore crampons on their boots. We got high enough to take this picture before turning back.


Keef said...

Oh, man! We've tentatively planned to go to Cotos the last two weekends to see this snow stuff, but I'm trying to finish my book and the weekends are the only time I can really get stuck into it.

Great photos though!

Graeme said...

You might have to wait for the weather to get bad again - reliable reports reach me from Spain telling of sunny weather, so I don't think the snow will last much longer if things don't change.