Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gloss Skating

Those of you in Spain who are starting to shiver as the cold weather works its way south might be reassured to know that exiles like me have been putting up with it for a bit longer. My plane back to Germany from the UK on Sunday night left significantly later than planned because of the snow that was falling on Frankfurt airport. It snowed again the following night. Just to show that Spain has no monopoly on bizarre translations there was a warning sign placed in the morning at the exits in my hotel; it said "Dear guest, please be careful. It is glossy". Wondering what could be meant by this I almost slipped into the ice covered pond just outside the door.


Keef said...

Bluddy freezing in Madrid yesterday and today. Horrible!

Graeme said...

Looks like you'll get a chance to see that snow you were after - I read it was -8 in Madrid's sierra yesterday. I'll be back on Friday to inspect the damage.

Anonymous said...

"Vorsicht, Glatteis!"

(danger, black ice!)

"jemanden aufs Glatteis führen" isn't as one would believe "to lead sb on to a patch of black ice" but rather "to take sb for a ride". Perhaps the latter's what your hotel was really up to, what with their warning of glossy mags lying in wait for guests just outside the main door first thing in the morning.

Graeme said...

There was a German version but that wasn't it - and probably by the time I get back on Monday it won't be glossy any more.I think it was more or less "watch your step".