Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Pharaoh Without Phunds Is No Phun

We were still in the times of Vak Asflak As. The people were ever more miserable and there was much complaining throughout the land as the few who still had work found their salaries had been reduced. The Pharaoh Gayadonn wandered the empty corridors of his vast Tel E Kom palace and post office. He was bored and restless. He walked into the office of his faithful adviser Ko Bo and announced "I need to get out of here, this place is driving me crazy."

Ko Bo though for a moment and then suggested "Let us go down to the oasis and listen to the roar of the great Manzanares. Much work has been done and all should be green and splendid." "Oh, is it finished then?", said Gayadonn, "So soon before the elections?" It was not finished of course, but Ko Bo though better of mentioning this and off they went down towards the river.

As they strolled by the Manzanares the Pharaoh gestured towards the people around them. "Are these the people who used to follow us all the time?" "No, my Pharaoh", said Ko Bo, "the spies of Ah Gi Ray no longer trouble us, for I have taken the matter before the Council of Elders. These people you see are the unemployed and those too old to work, they come here because they have no money." "I miss the spies", said Gayadonn, "it made me feel sort of important." "But of course you are important my Pharaoh, what is more you have not been touched by the curse of Gur Tel and the future is still bright for you."

Further down the track they came to a great construction occupying one bank of the river. "What is this huge building doing in the middle of my oasis?" demanded the Pharaoh. "That is the stadium of Att Letti", said Ko Bo, "one day in its place there will be a beautiful park dedicated to the goddess Pelo Tatho, who blesses all of your great works." "Can't we do it now?" Gayadonn asked. "No my Pharaoh, we have used all of the money from Plan E to make this path and the bridges, you must be patient and wait for the people to start buying houses again."

Suddenly as they walked Gayadonn pushed Ko Bo to one side and shouted "Watch out! Wild boar!" Ko Bo just laughed and said "they are only made of wood, do not worry." "Well that's a stupid idea", said Gayadonn as he realised he wasn't beng chased. "Who thought of that?". Ko Bo decided it was better to say nothing on the subject.

Proyecto Madrid-Rio April 2010 - things have moved on.

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