Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cry Me A River

It was in the second year of the period of the Vak Asflak As and hunger had spread throughout the great city of Madrid; for the people had no work. There was much wailing and moaning and even the locusts no longer came. Groups would gather disconsolately on the bridges of the capital to watch the mighty River Manzanares pass by the famished city. "If only our Pharaoh would give us work planting trees in the oasis, then we could feed our families!", cried someone.

The Pharaoh Gayadonn did not listen to his people, instead he fined them for blocking the bridges. "The people must be patient and should not worry", said Gayadonn as he surveyed the city from the heights of his great Tel E Kom Palace. "In only two short years the elections will be held and there shall be work and bread for all, at least for all that are still here". Then he fell silent and contemplated the view from his chambers, facing as it did towards the holy site of Mon Klo Ah, just beyond the Temple of Debod. The people were not convinced but saw that there was little they could do.

After a while Gayadonn left the window and found a large group of citizens standing behind him taking careful notes every time he spoke. "It is pleasing to see such interest from the people in my words", he declared. "These are no ordinary people my Pharaoah", said one of his advisers, "they are the spies sent by Ah Gi Ray to watch you". Gayadonn was about to say "So much attention for someone who does so little", but then he thought better of it.

It's your chance to play Spot The Difference on South of Watford. Of course it's a special crisis edition of Spot the Difference, so thousands of cash prizes cannot be won. All you have to is compare these recent photos of Madrid's flagship Proyecto Madrid-Rio with the ones that I took just over a year ago.

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Justin Roberts said...

I wish I'd done pictures of the "Centro de Flamenco" in Jerez 4 years ago. It's still contributing to the community as a makeshift parking lot come hole in the ground.