Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Having Christ For Dinner

Way back in 1978, the Spanish singer-songwriter (and I suppose for the purposes of this post, occasional film director) Javier Krahe made a short film for the amusement of himself and his friends. The film was a parody of cooking programmes and contained instructions on the best way to cook Christ. Just harmless atheist fun. Those interested in the recipe may want to check out this translation of an article on the issue from Público. There is also a piece in English on the New Humanist.

Nothing happened over the film, most people were certainly unaware of its existence. Then, in 2005, Krahe was interviewed on a programme on Canal + and reference was made to the film during the interview against a backdrop of some stills from it. The film itself wasn't shown. As a result of this interview an organisation calling itself the Centro de Estudios Jurídicos Tomás Moro brought a court case against Krahe and the director of the Canal + programme. They are claiming €192,000 damages from Krahe and a mere 144,000 from Montserrat Fernández Villa, the director. The case is likely to be heard in the next few months. The courts, you see, have so little to do.


Lavengro said...

I notice that as with Garzón this is another private criminal prosecution brought by a group that no-one has ever heard of.

If the video was made in 1978, can a prosecution still be brought?

Troy said...

Bit off topic...but recently I saw something rather funny regarding this.

Ever hear of a scientist taking someone to court because his feelings were hurt that no one believes his/her theory?

Lee said...

If this is the way Spanish justice is headed, can I drag La Espe's ass into court over the dowdy crap suits she wears? They are clearly an affront to my value system.

Graeme said...


I think the case has been brought over the TV programme, which is far more recent.


No, I've never heard of a case like that but there seem to be too many of scientists prosecuted for offending more powerful people. I'm thinking of starting a local Centre for Darwinian Studies which should of course permit me to prosecute loads of people. I don't know whether to start first with the main conspirator in Rome or just go for the lower hanging fruit.


I think we should charge her for being an expensive imitation - - and unnecessary for those of us who survived the original version.

Tom said...

I should sue the Partido Popular in Cerdanyola del Vallès. I mean, they're not bloody well popular here, are they?! Charlatans.

I won't do it under my name, though. I'll use my usual pseudonym, "La Alianza Española Por La Protección De Las Orejas y De El Sentido De Las Palabras En El Nombre De Cervantes, Gral. Primo de Rivera y Sr. President Jordi Pujol, Olé!"

Lavengro said...


Krahe's defence is, quite reasonably, that he didn't publish (divulgar) the TV programme.


Something of the kind has happened in Britain, where people have been sued for criticising published scientific research.

Lee said...

Funny, I though La Espe had this one as a role model (considering how miffed she gets when she's not obeyed):

Jan said...

Yet another example of craziness!

Andrew said...

Just for info - The New Humanist picked this up from a spanish blogger - he runs a sight called 'la media hostia' - for rationalist.