Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Watch Out For The Chorizos!

Today let me present you with a post that combines a useful lesson on the double meaning of the word chorizo together with an example of why politicians employ advisers. Mariano Rajoy went down to help out at a comedor social yesterday and decided that he would be the one handing out chorizos to the needy. "Ten cuidado, no te saquen con el chorizo" was the friendly warning he got - so he quickly changed places. It's a bit late, he's spent most of the year being proudly photographed with some of the dodgiest characters on the Spanish political scene.

South of Watford is spending the next few days down by the Mediterranean so let me take this opportunity to wish all those who pass by this space a happy new year. In the words of Dr John, I'll be back in a flash with some more of the trash.

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Troy said...

Unbelievable! One of the few days that I watch TV (i'm on holiday too down on the coast) and there I see Rajoy 'helping the needy'...Made me remember exactly why I don't own a TV.

BTW...your take on the Education Pact that will mean absolutely NOTHING?