Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Dark Side Of Spain's Trade Unions

Many of you may have been under the impression that Spanish trade unions were largely harmless organisations, but thanks to South of Watford's commitment to bring you the best of public service broadcasting the truth can now be told. There was a demonstration organised in Madrid by the unions last weekend and Telemadrid marked the occasion by comparing the event to the mass demonstrations organised in support of Franco's dictatorship. They didn't bother showing any footage of the demonstration, the expensive helicopter that they purchased for such coverage is to be used only for anti-government protests. Perhaps this is not too surprising given that the programme was actually made before the demonstration took place.

Another story involving Telemaguirre his week has concerned the former journalist Hermann Tertsch, who now presents the propagandistic remains of the channel's news coverage. He got involved in a bar fight in the early hours of the morning which resulted in him needing hospital treatment. Following this incident there was a concerted and pathetic attempt by sections of the PP, Aguirre included, to present Tertsch as the victim of a politically motivated assault provoked by a satirical item on the programme presented by the comedian Gran Wyoming. The police investigation has subsequently revealed that Tertsch got hurt following an argument with someone described as an "empresario de la noche". Maybe he needs to join a union. Unsurprisingly, Telemadrid and Hermann have managed to avoid explaining the truth in a news bulletin which sets a new surreal standard.


Tom said...

He's right, you know: these cheeky overall-wearing, free-travel-for-all, beard-growing, juice-drinking, dirty-handed, left-footed commie bastards never got the same turnout numbers as Saddam Hussein... and his demonstrations were spontaneous!

makes you long for the good old days, right?

skeen said...

Recently I noticed that Telemadrid were, with their usual subtlety, just beginning a campaign against Chueca nightlife.

Back to Basics!

John (no name) said...

Holey moley! More amazing stuff from TeleMadrid...

The key indicatative action of fascism is the provision of a sandwich? So it turns out that it in fact has nothing to do with the seizing of power in coups d'états, repression, murder, dictatorship, arbitrary arrest, propaganda and kleptocracy, and everything to do with bread and a tasty filling.

To think they have the nerve to criticise TV3, with by far the most intellectual, informed and entertaining output of broadcasters in Spain.

This reminds me of a broadcast that you posted some months ago where a TeleMadrid crack team went to the Costa Brava in order to be shocked to find that people spoke Catalan there, and that this waa going to destroy tourism, "which affects us all". The most amusing part was where they argued that the poor tourists would never be able to work out what an "entrepà de formatge" would be, rather ignoring the fact that for many tourists, notably Italians and French, this would be somewhat more intelligible than "bocadillo de queso". And that the British wouldn't understand any of it unless it was in English, and wouldn't eat it unless it was greasy. It was also pointed out by your commenters that there does not really seem to be any shortage of tourists in Barcelona and Catalunya as a result of this strange custom of speaking Catalan in Catalunya.

Thanks (I think) Graeme for providing us with these gems.

Graeme said...

All we need next is someone to say that with Franco in power the sandwich tasted better. The Telemadrid report from Cataluña remains one of my all time favourites, but I would argue that a news bulletin opening with the presenter dressed in his pijamas runs it a close second.