Friday, December 04, 2009

One Flight Leads To Another

I'm hoping that the flight which brought me back to Madrid last night from Frankfurt marks the end of a spell working away from home that turned out to be longer than I expected. I haven't seen that much of Madrid in the last 14 months and with almost weekly commuting to Germany I just hope Iberia appreciate my efforts to keep them going.

However, I'm not going to be leaving the airport alone for very long. Tonight we are leaving for a week in Cape Verde. When I suggested this as a destination I was thinking of it as compensation for my efforts in the Himalayas a few weeks ago. The image I had in my mind was one of beach hammocks, chilled beer, fresh fish and a couple of good books. Now, thanks to that mysterious process known as "not being in control" it seems that the walking boots are coming too. Ate logo.


Katie said...

you don't stop, do you?! i know a cape verdean woman back in the states who's just lovely and speaks fondly of her home. the islands have had a draw for me since i met her and since i first heard cesária évora's music. enjoy!

Daniel said...

Vocês também vão voar ás ilhas, não é?
e o aquecimento global, meu caro? vocês já pensaram nisso? porém, bom vôo e boas férias!

Graeme said...


You're right, my pegada de carbono has been far too big this year. Next year I plan to spend less time in airports.


I was on Cesaria Evora's island - Sao Vicente - just the other day. People were very nice and I recommend it as a destination.