Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Pijo Rebellion

In the reporting of the disturbances the other day in the Madrid dormitory town of Pozuelo, much has been made of the fact that the town is one of the wealthiest in the region. Despite the predictable plea of the town's administration that those who fought with police were "outsiders", the finest brains of the nation have since tried to make sense of the events that would cause the gilded youth of Pozuelo to attack a police station. Perhaps it's the economic crisis? But when the banks have guaranteed profits no matter what happens to everyone else, and the stock market rises ever higher on the back of the grimmest crisis in decades, then it seems unlikely that a decline in the fortunes of Papi's SICAV is causing Pozuelo's youth to take to the streets.

The "Defensor del Pueblo" thinks the parents are to blame, which is a harsh accusation to make against the people who appointed him to his comfortable post. The man who presents Telemadrid's Soviet style news programmes says that it's all the fault of television! When all else fails there's always the botellón, symbol of the decline of civic values in whatever remains of Ejpaña. Things start to look dangerously counter-revolutionary when we find out that members of the aristocracy were involved. I've always felt they were a bunch of troublemakers, but we'll have no truck with calls for the return of the guillotine on this blog. Still, you would think his parents might have warned him about the dangers of pouring too much Vega Sicilia into the kalimotxo.

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