Monday, February 16, 2009

Round Up The Usual Suspects

It's not an easy life in the modern police force I can tell you. There are quotas to be fulfilled. Now don't get the wrong idea, these are not quotas for catching criminals, that's far too complicated and time consuming. Instead, Madrid police units have been given quotas for rounding up illegal immigrants. This maybe helps to explain a mysterious raid on the discotheque Heaven the other week. Despite much talk of drugs being found, it turned out that the principal achievement of the raid was to find a significant number of people without legal documentation. Because they've filled up the internment centres the instruction has gone out to concentrate on Moroccans on the grounds that they can be returned to their native country more rapidly. Despite the overcrowding the government is continuing with its plan to extend the maximum length of time immigrants can be held in these detention centres. Meanwhile, over 20 people attempting to reach Spanish soil died yesterday on a boat just off the coast of Lanzarote. It's not known yet whose quota the 6 survivors will fill.

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