Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Walk In The Black Forest

Having reunited my camera with its cable, I can post some photos from my weekend trip to Freiburg a few weeks ago. We took the Schauinsland cable car that begins a few kilometres outside of the city, and which goes up high into the Black Forest. The night before had been very cold in Freiburg, and the evidence was on the ground in the forest itself.

Despite the cold start to the day, it was very clear and sunny and not far from where the cable car ends you can find a route taking you deeper inside the forest.

Such a fine day made for great views over the surrounding countryside.

In this image the line in the background is that of the high peaks of the Swiss Alps, including well known mountains like Jungfrau and the Eiger. If they are not very clear, that's because they are around 150 km away from where I took the photo. So they are far away, not small.

This is the cathedral square in Freiburg itself.

The cathedral itself has some interesting gargoyles and sculptures, don't stand under this one when its raining.

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