Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Give Me The Child And I'll Give You The Man

If anyone needs to reflect on the terrible consequences of a religious education then take a look at this video. These poor innocent children have been trapped in the hands of a brutal, heartless, political sect for years and look how they have ended up. Despite the false smiles, and the robotic repetition of slogans, their hopeful dreams for the future have been shattered.

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Troy said...

...and I'd like to live in a Spain where everyone dresses the same. I think that everyone should coordinate and match each day of the week. Reds on Mondays, Blues on Wednesdays etc. I would also like to live in a Spain where everyone was the same colour, except maybe the help, they can be of colour but none of this nonsense of rights and social security. I'd also like to live in a Spain where the men and men and the women dress nice and know how to cook a good paella and not gripe about a backhand or two.

If it weren't so serious it would be the funniest parody around!