Monday, July 07, 2008

The Winds Of Change

Things are really different inside the new model Partido Popular. Take a look at Cataluña for example. In the bad old days the president of the party in that region would have been chosen by the national leadership and imposed on the local members. Well not any more, in these days of greater internal democracy three candidates were allowed to present themselves for election before….the national leadership imposed someone else as president. In the bad old days the national leader of the PP was called Mariano Rajoy, now the leader is called Marian….oh never mind.


Erik Wirdheim said...

Graeme, most knowledgeable master on PP - you're my only hope.

Did you by any chance understand Nebrera's program except for she being 'the alternative'.

I saw these women shortly duelling in being "the most Catalan" on TV, but since none of them was concrete in their remarks, I never managed to grasp the difference.

Thanks in advance.


Graeme said...

I must admit I didn't pay too much attention to what she proposed Erik. I believe she came to the PP via Josep Pique and belongs to that faction that believes the party needs to adopt a more Catalanist attitude to be able to survive there. The funny thing is that she was not expected to get many votes in an open election, but with the national leadership imposing their candidate she came quite close to winning as she got the whole protest vote.