Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Whilst the big hitters of the summer music festivals were engaging in their pointless audience war over the weekend, I was down at Etnosur in the Andalusian village of Alcalá La Real. Free at the point of delivery, this festival was a much smaller affair. In some ways it was like a hippy version of a village fiesta, with the concert sites located in the village itself. Normally I don’t like restrictions on taking your own drinks into these events, but in this case the intention was more to stop the event becoming a huge botellón rather than to guarantee the profits of those who buy the drinks franchise. Being a free festival there were no big names here, but there was still some good music to be heard. The main problem for those who don’t like camping is the shortage of accommodation, we rented an apartment for the weekend but unless you have a group this can work out expensive. Those who don’t mind sleeping rough had no problems.

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