Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who Will Lead The PP In Madrid?

With the Partido Popular now committed to greater internal democracy, South of Watford has obtained exclusive access to the full list of candidates for the presidency of the PP in Madrid. Note how the party is striking a blow for equality, all of the candidates are women. Strangely enough, considering that the call for primary elections originated in the Madrid PP, such a procedure is not being considered for the forthcoming election. Anyway, here are the candidates:

La Condesa de Murillo

Esperanza Aguirre

La Lideresa

It promises to be a tough race, too close to call.


Anonymous said...

And yet, after her Mother Teresa style performance in that hospital and her post PP congress purge, it seems that the one person who can bring her down is her good self.

Just how arrogant, beligerent or plain nasty do you have to be to get thrown out of the PP, never mind get your wrists slapped?

Graeme said...

You can't start throwing people out of the PP for possessing those characteristics - where would they find the next generation of leaders if they started doing that?

Tom said...

starhound, people get chucked out of (or at least lose much favour in) the PP for being nice, moderate or sensible. Those other characteristics you mentioned are seen as positive traits in the nasty party.

Sergio López said...

And we have to put up with her at least three more years.

Great blog, Graeme, congratulations. I use to read you.

...And I quoted your 'Madrid vs. Barcelona' recently in my blog, hope don't bother you.


Graeme said...

Thanks López, you're very welcome to link to the Barcelona piece although I'm not sure about me being a "juez imparcial".

With La Espe it's double trouble - either we're stuck with her here in Madrid or she finally gets that chance to unseat Mariano and then the whole country has to deal with her. I'm putting my money on her ending her political career in Madrid. If the end comes sooner rather than later then thats fine by me, even if I do have to find something else to write about in my blog.