Thursday, June 05, 2008

Widgets Worth Having

Over at they are busy producing widgets which are then made available to anyone that wants them. I've recently added to my sidebar their weather widget which can be configured to show the weather for any number of Spanish cities and towns. Today I have added a new one which provides a calendar, results and news coverage for the European Championship. It's available here. For those who admired their results widget for the general election in March, they also offer the tools used to build that so that anyone can make and publish charts based on their own data.


leftbanker said...

Thanks for the cool Euro Copa widget.

P.S. That's all I really had to say but since my comment was shorter than the word verification I thought I would add another sentence or two. I thought Spain looked fairly docile against the Americans the other night. I was impressed by our (USA) defense and Spain got lucky on a couple shots that could have easily gone the other way for the Americans. I do think that I am much more optimistic than any of my Spanish friends as to Spain's chances this year. Love the young team, hate the old stodgy coach.

Graeme said...

Spanish optimism about their team in this kind of competition usually goes through wild swings. The norm is for everyone to start off being pessimistic (based on past experience) only to change to hopelessly over-optimistic euphoria following the first victory. The return from orbit then usually happens in the quarter finals. It might not happen that way this time around because they have a tough qualifying group.