Friday, June 27, 2008

Leaving The Ozone Layer

Ozone levels in Madrid have reached levels this week which trigger obligatory warnings about health dangers. Even all that rain in May didn't stop the city from regularly exceeding the limits on contamination, I don't know whether the Africans will get the blame this time for exporting their Saharan dust. If things carry on this way there will be no other alternative; they'll have to destroy the machines that collect the data. Anyway, it seems like a good enough excuse to leave the city - that and the fact that the full summer heat is now with us.

I'm off to Benidorm this weekend and I won't come back until somebody wins the European Championship. Spain brushed aside Russia last night to reach the final with less effort than expected. I'm even more confused now about how the Russians managed to knock the Dutch out of the tournament, last night they offered no threat at all and defending is hardly Spain's strongest point. Spain have lost Villa for the final but last night they coped well without him and in the second half played their best football of the championship so far. The messy way in which the future of Luis Aragones has been handled doesn't seem to be affecting the team. Hopefully we'll get a final as good as much of the rest of the tournament has been.

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