Tuesday, April 01, 2008

PPravda Reports....Forward To The 16th Party Congress!

The comrades in some villages are working hard, but in others they are not!” The Dear Leader Comrade Mariano Rajoy opened yesterday’s meeting of the Party Central Committee with his incisive analysis of last month’s elections to the Supreme Soviet. He urged delegates to take seriously the tasks of the Three Renovations and the Five Modernisations. However, this is not the most important result of this meeting, for the Dear Leader also announced the appointment of Comrade Soraya Who? to lead the task of opposition to the traitor Zapatero in the Supreme Soviet.

The appointment of Comrade Who? was greeted with unanimous applause by all delegates. “I’m very excited” said Comrade Who?, “My mummy and daddy will be very proud when I tell them!” She laughed shyly when asked whether she was really the internationally famous “niña de Rajoy”. There were enthusiastic reactions from other members of the Central Committee. Comrade La Lideresa Esperanza Aguirre said “I’m sure this little girl must be very pleased with herself, now if you’ll excuse me I have more important matters to attend to.

The Dear Leader also announced that the vital 16th Congress of the Party will be held in June in Valencia. This city is of course the heartland of the loyal Comrade Francisco Camps, who has done so much to transform the coastline of this once depressed region with his progressive policy of “One golf course for every two chalets”. Comrade Camps warmly welcomed the decision to choose his city, saying that “Valencia will be the launch pad for the Four Renovations and the Three Modernisations. United behind the Dear Leader we will defeat the Traitor Zapatero and his henchmen such as Rodolfo Chikilicuatre!” The meeting concluded with a rousing chorus of the party anthem “The Past Is Ours”.

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