Tuesday, April 29, 2008

El Dos De Mayo....The Bicentenary

This week sees the two hundredth anniversary of the Dos de Mayo uprising in Madrid against the French occupation; the event that sparked the Peninsular War. South of Watford is joining the commemoration and I intend to post on some of the exhibitions and events which have been organised. In addition I hope to write a bit about the different interpretations of these events and the war which followed them. As part of this task I have set myself the personal objective of not directly mentioning the name of Es*e*a*za A*ui*re, not so easy considering her attempts to use the bicentenary to attract attention to herself. Apart from the official events, we have the threat of a fascist march for later in the week and it remains to be seen whether the now traditional botellón and confrontation with the riot police in the Plaza del Dos de Mayo will take place this year.


Katie said...

I'm escaping for the puente, but I'll look forward to reading your full coverage upon my return.

Graeme said...

"I'm escaping for the puente" - you and 6 million others according to the press. I'll do what I can to keep things running while you're all away.