Thursday, April 17, 2008

Madrid Nationalist Rant

You know they're supposed to be having water problems in Barcelona right? So there I go to have a look for myself and what happens? It rains, all the time, non-stop. Meanwhile, Johnny Catalan flounces around with his "Oh I'm so thirsty I'm going to die" line and his "can we move this river here, and that lake there?". Meanwhile, out on the street the bleeding bus drivers, who I thought were supposed to be on strike anyway, are busy splashing water over anyone who gets near them and I bet you if I ask for a glass of H2O in a restaurant they'll tell me to get lost and that its all theirs. It makes my blood boil, I can tell you, there we are in Madrid with the Sahara almost at the gates of the city and do we complain?

Other news, the Italian bishops have announced that Zapatero is the loser of the Italian elections. If you add to that his failure in the last elections in France, Germany, the UK and Zimbabwe it turns out that Zappers is a real loser. On top of it all, you have the almost dead certainty that he won't win the US presidential election either! He might as well just give up.

Weather update from Barcelona: still raining.....

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