Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yo No Crucé La Frontera, La Frontera Me Cruzó

The Mexican presence in Madrid is not very noticeable, particularly when compared to that of countries like Ecuador, Peru or Colombia. However, go to a concert by Los Tigres del Norte, as I did last night, and you no longer feel that you are in Madrid. Almost 3 hours of music from one of the country’s veteran groups, I felt at times like I was almost the only one who didn’t know all the words to their tales of emigration and drug cartels. Most striking was their relationship with their audience, those who didn’t get a handshake were probably up on stage having their photo taken with one of the band’s members. Or they had their dedication read to everyone as note after note was passed up to the front. The bouncers next to the stage got nervous at this mixing of audience and group, but everything happened with such a good spirit that even they started to relax a bit after a while.

Let me just say in passing that Mexico is one of my favourite countries in the world, I have both travelled and worked there. I like the people, the food, the music, the geography and the cities. It’s just a pity it’s so far away. Like some other countries it has a reputation that doesn’t correspond to the reality of the place. So for Mexico and those who didn’t go to the concert, I leave the last word with Los Tigres.


leftbanker said...

I tell people here in Spain that the only thing I miss about the U.S. is Mexican food. I can cook certain dishes but I often lack an integral ingredient or two when I make something (my pozole without chipotles just isn’t the same). My Spanish friends also don’t understand my love for Vicente Fernandez tunes—he drives most of them crazy. And be sure not to call Los Tigres songs narco-corridas—they hate that, according to a recent interview. Como Mexico, no hay dos!

leftbanker said...

They especially hate it when a gringo calls them "narco-corridas" porque los corridos son los hechos reales.

Graeme said...

Yes, and it's fair to point out that most of their songs are about other things. On the food issue, I was searching about a year ago for something about quesadillas when I stumbled on a page done by Mexicans living in Spain which contained some hints on where to buy Mexican ingredients here- I'm sure its possible to get chipotles.