Thursday, October 11, 2007

Espe's Pearls

I tried to resist, really I did, but another post on Esperanza Aguirre has just pushed its way to the front of the queue. In true Aguirre style it didn't even think of apologising. Our pauper president has treated Madrid residents to more examples of her wisdom in the last few days, as well as giving us a keen insight into what she thinks politics is all about.

First we got a sound piece of advice for her rival to be the next leader of the Partido Popular, Madrid mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallardón. I still can't combine the words "PP", "leader" and "Aguirre"in the same sentence without shaking my head in amazement, but anyway let's continue. Espe informed Alberto that he is more handsome when he is "calladito", that is when he keeps his mouth shut. Now coming from certain Sicilians, for example, this would be enough to make most people get plastic surgery and change their country of residence. Coming from Esperanza it's not that much less frightening, it's more or less Aguirre-speak for "we know where you live Gallardón, so watch out!".

You can't see exactly where the knife enters in this picture

Putting to one side the internecine squabbling for position in the PP, Espe also had a suggestion for Prime Minister Zapatero. Continuing with her recent theme of Madrid being starved of investment (there's plenty more motorways that we could bury), she suggested to Jose Luis that if he gave her more money to waste she would be prepared to join him in some photo opportunities, presumably bogus inauguration ceremonies. The offer has had the predictable effect of ensuring that Madrid will be offered no extra money at all. It also raised, at least to my mind, the question of whether acceptance of the offer would make any difference at all to Espe's daily routine. When was the last time she didn't spend her day passing from one photo opportunity to another?

Then there's the dos de mayo story; no, that one can wait.

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