Wednesday, September 13, 2006

March 11th....The Temperature Starts To Rise

We can expect an interesting day on issues affecting the Madrid train bombings. After weeks of new “revelations” from El Mundo, the other major newspapers in Spain have today finally joined the fray. El País has today printed a substantial article on the conspiracy theories promoted by El Mundo and their friends, and their report has been echoed by ABC, traditionally the most conservative of the major newspapers here.

Last week El Mundo printed an interview with José Emilio Suárez Trashorras, the man accused of stealing and selling the stolen explosive that was used in the bombings. Whilst respecting the presumption of innocence, it has to be said that the paper went completely overboard in their attempts to portray Trashorras as an innocent choirboy victim of the evil machinations behind the bombings. Trashorras, in turn, delivered his side of the bargain by duly pointing the finger at a combination of ETA and members of the security forces, although without producing any concrete evidence of their involvement. El Mundo has followed up this week with the serialisation of a book about another person involved with those accused of the explosives theft, the book has been written by Fernando Múgica who works for, wait for it…..El Mundo.

Well today El País has responded with the transcript of a conversation between Trashorras and his parents, recorded in prison. In the report, Trashorras is quoted as saying “While the newspaper El Mundo pays, if I am outside, I will tell them the story of the Spanish Civil War”. Clearly the transcript has been leaked to the paper as part of an attempt to strike back at El Mundo. One effect of this is to put the spotlight on the question of whether El Mundo’s involvement in the case has reached the stage where they are making financial deals with people involved in the bombings. The publication of the book certainly suggests that to be the case, but if it turns out that Trashorras has received any money from them then that would be much more serious.

All of this on the day that the Partido Popular are going to raise El Mundo’s conspiracy accusations in Parliament. The outside temperature might be falling, but it doesn’t feel cold.

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