Thursday, February 05, 2009

Some People Are Hungrier Than Others

Do you remember the sad case of Fernando Martin, briefly president of Real Madrid, and also architect of one of the biggest corporate bankruptcies Spain has seen? Well it wasn't just his company, Martinsa Fadesa, who filed for protection from their creditors. Martin himself decided it was the best solution to his financial problems as he had only earned a paltry 85 million euros the year before.

Still, at least the administrator handling his case has taken into account Martin's basic necessities. It seems he has been awarded a salary of 75,000 euros to cover his food costs. Oh sorry, did I almost forget to mention, that's €75,000 a month. Probably enough to feed the almost 80% of his workforce who have been made redundant since the company collapsed, they are believed to to be getting by on a little bit less.

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