Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Common Touch

Here's an entertaining little snippet from the Galician election campaign. It seems that the PP candidate for president of this region, Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, decided that he needed to connect with Galicia profunda in his search for votes so off he went to visit a dairy farmer. The dialogue between the two men went something like this:

Feijóo: "Why do all your cows have female names?"
Farmer: "Because they are cows"

Via La Trinchera Digital


Colin Davies said...

Yes, Graeme, but my Galician friends tell me it's not normal for farmers here to call cows Dora, Daisy or any other local equivalent. Which is not to say Feijoo's comments didn't cause hilarity among us sophisticates down on the cow-less coast.

Anonymous said...

The PP certainly are PR wizards.

Antonio Basagoiti's campaign to become Basque Lehendakari seems to have a few PR ideas that should left have been in the 'Ez/No' pile.

Here's his Choo-Choo to get everyone put of the Poo-Poo:


He thinks he's in the frame to become Lehendakari, can you see what he's done here (scroll down, on the right):


(I have a feeling he won't win.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry those links got chopped:



In the frame:


Graeme said...

@ Colin

Thanks for that - I'm pleased to be able to offer you a position as South of Watford's Senior Deputy Acting Consultant on Galician Rural Affairs.

@ Starhound

I think its easier to use tiny urls on Blogger. Basagoiti's campaign is just a bit strange, all this apolitical "yoof oriented" stuff. The train is about the most political thing he's done.