Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Competition You May Not Want To Win

The Partido Popular, in their long running search for someone who knows something about economics, have decided to cast the net a bit wider. They have organised a video competition on the economic crisis. Because we are dealing with people who have a short attention span, the videos submitted should not exceed a maximum length of one minute. Now comes the catch, there's always one, the unlucky winner is expected to have lunch with Mariano Rajoy in his office at PP headquarters. You would have thought that they could have come up with a better way of rewarding the effort involved in all that video editing, the thought of watching Mariano slurping his way through the Caldo Gallego for a couple of hours isn't everyone's idea of a big day out. It's not clear whether the winner is expected to pay for the lunch, although these politicians often don't carry money so I would be ready for anything! Anyway, for those who are interested the email to submit the videos is Remember, keep it simple. The second prize is two lunches with Mariano Rajoy....I think I'd better leave it there.


Erik R. said...

Dear lord, that sounds horrible! I can barely eat while he's on the television.

I love the fact that the sentence "Come con Rajoy" has meaning in English as well (definition #4).

Troy said...

OK the thought of eating with Rajoy turns the stomach somewhat, but imagine eating with Esperanza? I wouldn't be able to look at my food, fascinated to see whether that botoxed face could actually move enough to chew!

Then imagine her taking a bite, you'd be looking for a serpent's tongue or leftovers from the operation that removed her devil's horns. Ooops, forgot, she's a Templar of Christ, isn't she?

Graeme said...

I think in the case of Espe there's always the additional risk that you might end up actually being the dinner. It's all enough to put me off the thought of lunch.