Monday, August 04, 2008

Some Days Are Hotter Than Others

If this blog seems to have been to be a bit quiet in the last few days it's not because I've gone away. It's just that I've had a visitor here in Madrid, and we've been enjoying - if that is the right word - as hot a weekend as I can remember since I came here. It's not over yet either, another two to three days of extreme heat awaits us in the city. I've always felt that I could manage life here in summer without feeling the need to invest in air conditioning to keep cool, days can be hot but nights hardly ever seemed to be so tough as the influence of the altitude and the sierra cools the night time temperature and lets you sleep. Last night wasn't like that, tonight won't be any better, and even going close to any equipment generating heat (whether it's the laptop or the coffee maker) is no longer as easy as it was just a week ago. I think I need to go for a glass of water, maybe I can take advantage of the relative coolness tomorrow morning to write a slightly sleepy rant about terrorism and the right. As if I haven't done that before.

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