Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Digital Liberties

Having finally got round to buying my shiny new television I discovered to my delight that I am now able to watch Libertad Digital TV! Frankly, it's been a bit disappointing so far, every time I turn to it I just seem to get those tacky home shopping type adverts that you get on lots of these new channels. For things like vacuum cleaner attachments that can see round corners. Maybe the Reverend Losantos is still on holiday in Miami where he wishes pain and suffering on all of his many enemies.

The reason I am able to get this channel is because I live in the enlightened Comunidad de Madrid where television licences are distributed on the basis of loyalty to the Condesa. Those of you living in areas of Spain where TeleLosantos is not available should know that this is because you live in a region controlled by rojos, masones or nazionalistas. Or perhaps a combination of all three. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted on any developments.


Anonymous said...

Graeme, where do you find these things? I have lost count of the number of times I have commenetd here that I am astonished by something you have posted. That interview is really something.

The fact that Losantos does not even realise that the interviewer, in classic Chris Morris, Ali G, style, is simply taking the mickey and mocking him and his prejudices adds greatly to the effect, but the views themselves are amazing, even for someone who trades on lies and hatred.

I once heard a BBC radio interview with Rush Limbaugh, surely our Fede's inspiration, in which he largely admitted that his main intention was simply to sell advertising, and that he therefore expressed views that would get most headlines, most listeners, and therefore most revenue ("my objective is to secure usurious rates from advertisers"). Surely Losantos is doing the same thing. Or does he really believe what he says? Scarily, a lot of people seem to.

Graeme said...

John, I feel it is my burden and duty to scour the Internet in search of such things. Although, to be fair, a few key subscriptions in Google Reader seem to do most of the work. As I can see you're keen for more, I think you'll find that there are 5 segements of the interview on Youtube. The trolls who occasionally pass this way talk about the legion of admirers that Losantos has, and they seem to regard him as an intellectual because of his use of the language. I think what this interview shows very clearly is the poverty of his ideas, whenever he has the chance to argue a case he resorts to insults instead.