Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There Are Still Some Things You Can't Buy Everywhere

I never did get round to buying my Christmas caganers of Aguirre and Gallardón. To be honest, the price seemed a bit high for a pair of has-been regional politicians. A couple of years ago however, on another of my summer visits to Cartagena, I noticed a slightly run down souvenir shop which sold José Maria Aznar thimbles! The shop seemed to have very irregular opening hours, and it was never open when I passed; all of which made me want my Aznar thimble even more. Finally, last Friday, I struck lucky. I really just bought the Zapatero one to keep José Maria company, and so that I can stage my own political finger debates during the cold winter months. I could have bought the entire royal family too, but no. Then there was the Franco thimble. I stared hard at the Franco thimble for about 30 seconds. Do I buy it? No, at least not this time.


Keefieboy said...

I can't understand why all shops don't sell these - they're obviously the most useful thing ever invented.

Graeme said...

It's a collectors item. Wouldn't be the same if you could just walk into the Corte Inglés and ask "which floor do you sell the Aznar thimbles on?"