Monday, January 25, 2010

Giant Sand....Johnny Cash At San Quentin

"We just wanna play a few Johnny Cash songs, nobody is going to get hurt". We Used To Party is the name of a project where bands perform the songs from a selected album by another artist. So last night Madrid had the US band Giant Sand doing their version of the legendary concert by Johnny Cash at San Quentin prison. An exercise of this kind could be a disaster but last night it worked. It helps to understand some of the comments from the stage if you are familiar with the original recording. This was not just copying, but interpretation with enough tongue in cheek humour for it not to be taken too seriously. For the encore of Ring Of Fire the band was joined by BB King's favourite Spanish guitarist, Raimundo Amador. They are playing again tonight in Madrid although I think it's sold out. After that I believe that Barcelona, Mallorca, Castellón and Granada are the remaining places on the tour. One of the pleasures of not travelling so much for work is that I can start to focus again on cultural events happening in Madrid.

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