Friday, January 29, 2010

Foro Social Mundial En Madrid

While the politicians, businessmen, celebrities, dictators and bankers enjoy their annual chat in Davos, the alternative of the World Social Forum also takes place. Although the traditional meeting in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre still exists, the forum has now become much more decentralized and one of the places where an annual event takes place is Madrid. I went last night to the opening session of the forum in the very impressive surroundings of the salon de actos of the Universidad Complutense in the Calle San Bernardo.

Starting this afternoon and continuing all day tomorrow there are a huge number of workshops which are divided between the Instituto Lope de Vega (also in San Bernardo) and the Patio Maravillas in the Calle del Pez. Full details can be found on the web page.

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