Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eurovision 2010....The Countdown Begins

I know it's still early and that we haven't left 2009 yet, but I want to present a potential candidate for next year's Spanish Eurovision entry. I'm looking for suggestions for the name of the band, and for the song they can enter. Mamma Mia has already been taken, the Gürtel Blues might have pan-European possibilities. The choreography clearly needs a bit of work.


Keefieboy said...

If he had a guitar in his hand, Rajoy could pass himself as Roger Whittacker.

Forget about that lot, though, we need some sex appeal - Espe and the Waiters?

John (no name) said...

The Aznarines.

Graeme said...


My god you're right. It's harsh but maybe we'll have to lose Mr Beardie, it's an image problem. Pons will have to stop dancing the scared rabbit, Ana Mato is perfect as a backing singer, Camacho doesn't even look like she knows the words but Arenas...just give that man some maracas!


I like it! Should travel well too, important for Eurovision.

Daniel said...

"there goes the election
right down the drain
damn reds are happy
we feel the pain"

(to the tune of 'Bye Bye Love' by the Everly Bros)

Graeme said...

Nice one Daniel, might be a bit complicated for Eurovision though?

Daniel said...

You tell me, Eurovision's a notoriously difficult one to pitch right, as everybody knows.

I must admit I was thinking more along the lines of the All Saved Freak Band so as to cheer up the crowd at Glastonbury on a particularly miserable day, when you're waist-deep in mud and trying to hold on to a mug of hot tea...