Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yo Twitteo, Tu Twitteas, Ella No Twittea

Following hot on the heels of the story I posted on last night about Twitter and the Madrid espionage scandal, now we get another story about how a certain Spanish politician isn't making quite as much use of the microblogging technology as we were led to believe. It seems that someone was looking at the Twitter output of UPyD's leader Rosa Diez the other night, in the aftermath of the regional elections. She was responding to messages concerning her party's results in those elections. The only problem was that she was also being interviewed live on Spanish television at the same time! Her account on Twitter has quickly been closed amidst explanations about the difficulties of leading the UPyD parliamentary group and updating the blog, Facebook and Twitter all at the same time. It seems the Twitter part was being done by Rosa 2.0.

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Tom said...

I knew I was right not to trust UPyD. Truly scandalous.