Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Prohibido Twittear

How about that for a new Spanish verb? South of Watford keeping up with the times. In one of my recent posts concerning the fake investigation into the great Madrid political spying scandal, I mentioned that one of the opposition members of the commission was intending to use Twitter to broadcast the proceedings. Well the commission finally got underway today, one month and some important elections after it was formed. So Reyes Montiel began using Twitter to keep the outside world informed; until the beginning of the afternoon session when she was told she could no longer do this. Not because it's against the rules, apart from the new one that the Aguirre appointee presiding the commission decided to invent for what is supposed to be a public hearing. I think this merits another round of Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. Is the commission where Twitter has been banned the same commission that Esperanza Aguirre promised would be conducted with maximum transparency?

A. Yes it is

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